Library Resources

Library Resources


a) Textbooks:

Textbooks are arranged based on the following Departments and/or Programs and classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The DDC is a general knowledge organization tool and is the most widely used classification system in the world.

1. Business Administration
2. Media Studies and Journalism
3. English and Humanities
4. Computer Science and Engineering
5. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
6. General Education:
• Archaeology
• Bangladesh Studies
• Bengali Literature
• World History & Civilization
• Performing Arts
• Social Science
• Sustainable Development
b) Reference Books:

The library reference section is rich with different types of collections.

• Encyclopedia
– Encyclopedia Britannica
– Encyclopedic History of World Civilization
– Banglapedia
• Dictionary
• Thesaurus
• World History & Civilization
• Religion & Theology
• Art & Architecture
• Liberation war of Bangladesh
• Photography
Rare Collections

Rare and Exclusive collections in the Library include the following categories:

• Liberation war of Bangladesh
• Rabindra Collection
• Nazrul Collection
• Lalon Collection
• Religion & Theology
• Biography of famous poets
• Photography Collection etc.
Bangladesh Business Reference Collections

Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative (BBRI) Section is being developed with annual reports, brochures etc. from 310 enlisted companies approved by Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Students of all departments, especially the School of Business use these resources. Day by day usage is increased.

• Annual reports
• Brochures
• Prospectus
• Survey Report etc.
UN Reference Corner

United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Dhaka opened an UN Reference Corner at ULAB library. The main objective of this corner is to facilitate access to UN publications to library users.

• World Investment Report
• The United Nations Today
• World Food Program Annual Report
• The Millennium Development Goals Report
• The Core International Human Rights Treaties
• People’s United Nations
• Climate Change Around the Globe
• Teaching Human Rights
• United Nations Peacekeeping
• Basic Facts about the United Nations etc.

Different types of local & foreign periodicals such as journals, magazines, reports, directories and newspapers are available.

a) Journals

• Harvard Business Review
• The Screen
• London Review of Books
• National Geographic
• Journal of Business Administration
• Journal of Management Studies
• Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies
• The AUIB journal of science and engineering (AJSE)
• Science, Technology and Development
• Harvest: Jahangirnagar Studies in Language and Literature
• The Journal of Rural Development
• The Dhaka University of Biological Science
• Celluloid
• The World of Theater
• Journal of Bangladesh Studies
• Theater (Bengali)
• ASIAN Studies
• The Jahangirnagar Review
• Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration
• The Bangladesh Development Studies
• Journal of Bengal Art
• Jamini
• Bangladesh Education Journal etc.
b) Magazines:
• The New Yorker (Weekly)
• The Economist (Weekly)
• Time (Weekly)
• Fortune (Fortnightly)
• Readers Digest (Monthly)
• National Geographic (Monthly)
• Business Week (Weekly)
• PC World (Monthly)
• Computer Jagat (Monthly)
• Ice Today (Monthly)
• The Executive Time (Monthly)
• Probe (Weekly)
• Kali O Kalom (Monthly)
• Media Watch (Weekly)
• Sochittro Bangladesh (Monthly)
c) Reports:
• Human Development Report (UNDP)
• World Development Indicators (WB)
• World Development Report (WB)
• International Financial Statistics (IMF)
• Direction of Trade Statistics (IMF)
• Population Census of Bangladesh
• District Gazetteers
• Economic Census
• Bangladesh Economic Review
• Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh
• Year Book of Agricultural Statistics of Bangladesh
• Foreign Trade Statistics of Bangladesh
• First Interim Report
• Census of Agriculture of Bangladesh etc.
d) Directories & Handbooks:
• Financial Sector Assessment
• Bangladesh Directory of Audiovisual & Film
• Hand book on Environment Statistics
• Programs & Services Directory
• Bangladesh Business Directory etc.
e) Newspapers:
• International Herald Tribune (International)
• The Daily Star (English)
• Financial Express (English)
• New Age (English)
• The Daily Jugantor (Bengali)
• The Daily Prothom Alo (Bengali)
• The Daily Ittefaq (Bengali)
• Political Map of the World
• The World Map
• Asia Political Map
• Asia Physical Map
• SAARC Countries Map
• South East Asia Political Map
• India Political Map
• Bangladesh Political Map
• Rivers of Bangladesh
• Bangladesh Transport Network
• Past and Present Dhaka 400 Years
• Divisional Map of Bangladesh (6 Divisions)
• District Map of Bangladesh (64 Districts)
• World Atlas
• Atlas of Geography
• Atlas of the Language & Ethnic Communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts etc.

ULAB Library has e-resources of discipline based world renowned online journals, books and Magazines.

a) e-Journals:
• JSTOR (Business and Language & Literature Collections)
• AMIC (Asian Media Information & Communication Center)
b) e-Books:
• Journalism
• Computer Science
• English Literature
c) e-Magazines:
• The New Yorker
• The London Review of Books
d) AV Materials:
Audio Visual materials collections are included over 600 DVDs &CDs.
• Documentary Films:
– War
– Astronomy
– Earth & Life
– Natural Disaster
– Culture & Heritage
– History & Civilization
– Indigenous Communities
– Art & Architecture
– Indigenous Art & Culture
– Great Personality
– Natural Art etc.
• Amazing Science
• Language Movement & Liberation War
• Religion and Theology
• Great Movies
• Photographs & Images
• Classic Songs (Kazi Nazrul Islam)
• World Atlas
• Encyclopedia & Dictionary etc.

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.